The history of man, from the very beginning, is closely linked to this plant.

Since ancient times the olive tree has been a symbol of spirituality and sacredness, synonymous with beauty, peace, strength, value and abundance.


Olive tree… with your imposing appearance, your evergreen leaves with silver reflections, you seem untouchable, imperturbable.

Everything about you speaks of peace and quiet... yet your lumpy trunk full of deep incisions shows the signs of the ravages of time and the wars you had to resist.

Despite everything, you always keep your graceful and harmonious beauty and you don't hesitate to bear your small, graceful and precious fruits, faithful to what is "your call".

In our oasis we have about 300 olive trees, Cassanese cultivars and, mainly, Tondino Spezzanese cultivars.

Some plants are young, others with clear signs of the wisdom of the time.

All beautiful, beautiful both for the natural view, but also for that of the heart, of those who are still capable of doing so.

Moving among the olive trees, in the silence broken only by the chirping of birds in a phantasmagorical play of light and color created by an invisible kaleidoscope is a real physical and spiritual experience.


Are you tired, aggravated, confused, turned off?

Come visit. Stroll among our olive trees and nothing will be the same.

Certainly, it will take eyes eager to see and ears eager to hear: we are waiting for you.

In winter, you will find the plants in their stark and simple, yet always elegant, beauty. In spring, you will find the plants flaunting their beauty enhanced by thousands and thousands of small white flowers sometimes gathered in clusters. In summer, you will find the plants with their small, cute, tender fruits. In autumn, the branches of the trees are bent by the weight of the olives, the air is filled with an intense scent that exalts the senses, everything is in motion for the harvest.

The olive tree… is the symbol of our oasis.

From this plant we obtain its fruits to produce our table olives and extra virgin olive oil.